Jay Aaron Roy. Born in 1983. Blogs about fashion, cats, Star Wars, Miyazaki, and life. This is a LGBTQ friendly space.

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  • Your brother loved the shop, my friend. And by the way, the stormtroopers were totally already yours. #imissyou #somuch

  • galaxypriince:

    i just got some devastating news and i think im gonna get off tumblr for a little bit. if you need me there’s skype and text. if you want either, message me and i’ll get around to it when i can.

    I’m right here. You know where to find me for all the hugs. <3

  • And #tbt to roadtrips, mohawks, and bathroom shenanigans. ;) @warriorxxo Always has the best face.

  • #tbt to busy director days (2010)
    Shot by @stoometz

  • #tbt a la 2010.
    Shot by @stoometz

  • Every night. A milisecond after walking in the door. #cupcakethecat #rubuponthemboots #whateven

  • #businessowner #buslyfe #beer

  • Pretty much the clothes I live in. #neednewpants #growingboy #notimetoshop #combatbootsftw